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[photo] [Floral still life: red rose]
Photo credit: Walter Nelson-Rees, WIM Fine Arts
Medium: oil on board
Size: 9 x 5 in (23 x 13 cm)
Inscription: l/l "F. Schäfer.", in the artist's characteristic block-letter hand
Verso: "3 in Gilt", in pencil, in an unknown script hand
Provenance: In private collection, Ventura, California by 1986; with Christopher Queen Galleries, Duncan Mills, California, 1986; sold in 1988 with [Floral still life: white rose] for $2000 to collection of James Coran & Walter Nelson-Rees, Oakland, California, inventory #5400; destroyed in the Oakland fire, 20 October 1991.
Exhibited: If Pictures Could Talk, Concord, California, 1990.
Reproductions: Coran, James L. and Walter A. Nelson-Rees, If Pictures Could Talk, plate 8; Early California and Western Art Research/Schafer slide #96 (color, 1990) [not seen]
Citations: Coran and Nelson-Rees, page 50; Christopher Queen Galleries record 239
Description: Still life: A light pink rose, a light red rose, and an unopened rose bud lie on a table at the base of a clear glass vase, half-filled with water. In the vase, two yellow-buttoned black pansies are partly obscured by foliage and spikes of white flowers. Two kinds of blue flowers fill out the bouquet. (From a color photograph and the painting, 15 July 1990.)
Note: Coran and Nelson-Rees suggest that the small size (making transportation easy), studio subject matter, and German signature all indicate that this painting may have been done before Schafer's 1876 emigration to the United States. This painting and [Floral still life: white rose] appear to be pendants. Both are in a style unique for Schafer, reminiscent of seventeenth century Dutch still-life painting. The verso inscription, which apparently refers to the frame, may indicate that there was originally a third painting in the set.
Identification: Descriptive title of unknown origin, as found in the book. The Early California and Western Art Research index replaces the words red rose with pink roses.
In index(es): Title list, foreign scenes, unusual subjects--still life, cityscapes

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