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[photo] [Landscape with cows 1]
Photo credit: J. H. Saltzer, 1990; courtesy Dunsmuir House
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 14 x 24 in (36 x 61 cm)
Inscription: l/l "F Schafer", in the artist's characteristic block-letter hand
Verso: said to be u/l sticker of Smith Bros.
Provenance: In private collection by 1966; bequeathed to The Oakland Museum of California in 1966.
Citations: Inventory of American Paintings… record 71067662; The Oakland Museum of California January 1990 inventory list, inventory #66.110.1.
Description: In the middle distance a small herd of brown and white cows stands in a grassy field. The area beyond the field is a green broadleaf forest. In the left foreground is a path leading between two pairs of slender, almost leafless, birches, while on the right a stream winds toward the front between brown dirt banks and occasional rocks. Two more slender, leafless birches stand at the right edge. The sky is grey. (From the painting, 15 July 1990.)
Note: As of 1990, this painting was on loan to the Dunsmuir House and Gardens, Oakland, California, hanging on the North wall of the main living room.
Identification: Descriptive title of unknown origin, from the Oakland Museum inventory.
In index(es): Title list, pastoral and rural scenes, paintings currently held in museums and public collections

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