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[photo] [Sierra Nevada 1]
Photo credit: J. H. Saltzer, 1991
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 9.25 x 15 in (23 x 38 cm)
Inscription: l/r "F. Schafer", last three letters obscure
Verso: label "Sierra Nevada"
Provenance: In private collection, San Francisco, by 1991
Description: A field sketch, quite dark, in a limited palette. A stream (or perhaps a path) winds toward the center front past a low, bright mountain range to the right and a grove of brown, broadleaf trees on the left. The sky is blue with layers of dark across the center. The stream banks are covered with dark chapparal. (From the painting, August 1991)
Identification: Title of unknown origin from verso label.
In index(es): Title list, unidentified mountain scenes, sketches

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