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[photo] Three Sisters, Oregon [3]
Photo credit: William K. Dick, 1971
Date: probably undated
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 20 x 36 in (51 x 91 cm)
Inscription: l/r "FSchafer", in the artist's characteristic block-letter hand, initials conjoined in a monogram
Verso: said to be "Three Sisters, Ore"
Provenance: Sold circa 1971 by H. J. Dengler Old Prints, Palo Alto, California to private collection, San Francisco; Offered in 1983 by Carlson Gallery, San Francisco. Offered 17 November 1983 (not sold) by Butterfield & Butterfield, San Francisco, as lot 141 in sale 3367P.
Reproductions: William K. Dick photo #45 (color, 1971); Butterfield & Butterfield 17 November 1983 sale catalog.
Site: The Three Sisters mountains, Oregon, viewed across a river.
Description: The snow-covered three sisters stand like a row of bright pyramids against a clear blue sky, behind a low greyish ridge and a lower, brownish ridge. On the lower right side is a triangle of hillside with a yellow and green grassy slope, wildflowers in the foreground, boulders and snags farther away and, higher up, a grove of conifers. A river flows from the center to the left front; one of the nearby snags points to an Indian encampment on the far side of the river, with three tepees and smoke rising from an unseen campfire. Behind the encampment and below the two ridges is a dense green forest. Although the composition is similar to The Three Sisters, Oregon [2], this is a completely different scene. (From a color photograph.)
Identification: The photo by William K. Dick is of the same painting as in the 17 November 1983 sale catalog. The sale catalog gives the size as 20 x 30 in, but the Dick photo gives the larger size and both photographs are of a painting that is almost twice as wide as it is high. The word "The" is added to the title here for uniformity.
Other title(s): Indian encampment below the Three Sisters (1983 sale catalog)
In index(es): Title list, Indian encampments as incidental subjects, the Three Sisters, Oregon

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