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[photo] [View of Mount Tamalpais]
Photo credit: Early California and Western Art Research, 1988
Date: 1880
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 30 x 50 in (76 x 127 cm)
Inscription: said to be l/r "F. Schafer, 1880"
Provenance: In private collection, Northern California; offered by 1988 by WIM Fine Arts, Oakland, California. Sold 17 February 1988 for $8800 by Butterfield & Butterfield, San Francisco, as lot 4125 in sale 3910P/P31. Sold 4 October 1992 for $3025 by Butterfield & Butterfield, San Francisco, as lot 30 in sale 5163D/D03.
Reproductions: Butterfield & Butterfield 17/18 February 1988 and October 1992 sale catalogs; Early California and Western Art Research/Schafer slide #88 (color, 1988 and 1990), WIM Fine Arts photo #5269 (color); Antiques and Fine Arts January and February 1990, page 36.
Site: View from the north of Mount Tamalpais, in Marin County, California. The viewpoint is probably near San Anselmo.
Description: The chaparral-covered mountain, sunlit from the right, dominates the center of the scene. There are detailed but very small figures of cattle on a bright yellow meadow in the center, surrounded by dark green forests, trees on the slopes at the right and left, and brown grass in the foreground. A snag appears at the center of the scene in the foreground. (From a color photograph.)
Identification: Descriptive title of unknown origin, as used in the 1988 and 1992 sale catalogs. The Early California and Western Art Research index identifies slide 88 with the 17 February 1988 sale, slide 95 with the Antiques & Fine Arts photograph.
In index(es): Title list, Mount Tamalpais, dated paintings

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