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[photo] Olympics from Vancouver, British Columbia

Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 30 x 50 in (76 x 127 cm)
Inscription: l/r "F.Schafer" in the artist's characteristic block-letter hand, lightly underlined
Verso: said to be "Olympics from Vancouver BC" on the canvas
Provenance: Offered 18 July 2005 via eBay by "finisterre", Gresham, Oregon. To collection of Edan Milton Hughes (1935–2015), San Francisco, 2005, inventory #2996.
Reproductions: eBay listing #7337789045
Site: Assuming that the title is accurate, a view to the west across the Straits of Juan de Fuca from Vancouver, British Columbia.
Description: "There is an Indian village on the shore…" (seller's
Note: In August 2005, an image of this painting was posted on the World-Wide Web site that displays the collection of Edan Milton Hughes (1935–2015) using the title "Tahoe".
Other title(s): [Tahoe] (collection of Edan Milton Hughes (1935–2015))
In index(es): Title list, Indian encampments as incidental subjects, Pacific northwest coast and Victoria, British Columbia

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