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[photo] [Indian Encampment 2]
Photo credit: Courtesy of Clars Auction Gallery, 2006
Medium: oil on canvas, lined
Size: 29 x 40.5 inches (74 x 102 cm)
Inscription: Signed l/l "F. Schafer" in the rounded sketch hand
Verso: Maxwell Galleries label on stretcher bar.
Provenance: Offered by 2006 by Maxwell Galleries, Ltd., San Francisco. Offered 6 June 2006 by Michaan's Auctions by the Bay, Inc., Alameda, California as lot 1107 (not sold). Sold 10 September 2006 for $6000 by Clar's Auction Gallery, Oakland, California, as lot 6208 in sale 441.
Reproductions: Clar's Auction Gallery 10 September 2006 sale catalog (color).
Citations: Michaan's Auctions by the Bay, Inc. 6 June 2006 sale catalog.
Note: 1. Maxwell Gallery provenance inferred from verso label. 2. Despite its large size, the finish of this painting is rough, as if it is a field sketch. Also, the signature is typical of signatures found on field sketches. 3. The painting is very similar to [Indian encampment above Yosemite Valley].
Identification: Descriptive title from Clar's Auction Gallery sale catalog. The two sale photographs are of the same painting.
Other title(s): Native American camp in a Western mountain landscape (from Michaan's Auctions by the Bay, Inc. sale catalog)
In index(es): Title list, Indian encampments as primary subjects, sketches

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