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Problematic painting record FFSp0927

[photo] [Waterfall]

Date: n.d.
Medium: oil on canvasboard
Size: 12 x 16 in (31 x 41 cm)
Inscription: bears signature l/l "F. Schafer", underlined
Verso: none reported
Provenance: With eBay, California, 20 July 2011
Citations: eBay item #230649534509
Attribution: Despite the apparently typical signature, the painting does not look at all like Schafer's work, though at 12x16 inches and on canvasboard, it is almost certainly a sketch, which might explain some of the anomalies. The palette trends to the pastel rather than the saturated, the composition lacks framing, the waterfall does not fall naturally, the pond below is unusually calm and strangely green, and the painting is uniformly illuminated rather than having a central focus. The surrounding landscape is clean and lacks natural clutter. All of these observations suggest that the painting should not be attributed to Frederick F. Schafer.
Note: There appears to be a six-pointed star on the rock beside the waterfall.
Identification: Assigned, descriptive title
In index(es): questioned attributions

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