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(5) An advertisement of the auction of Schafer paintings that were exhibited at the 1884 Mechanics' Fair in San Francisco

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Image credit: San Francisco Public Library. Found by William K. Dick..

Related images: (1) Notice of Schafer exhibition at 19th Mechanics Fair.
(2) Republication of the above notice in an Alameda newspaper.
(3) Report that the 1884 Mechanics' Fair paintings will be sold at auction.
(4) Another, very brief report that Schafer paintings will be sold at auction.
(5) An advertisement of the auction.
(6) A slightly different advertisement of the auction.
(7) A news report of the auction.
(8) Another announcement of this auction, citing 65 paintings.
(9) A daily auction list that includes the auction.
(10) A last-minute news reminder of the auction.
(11) A report after the auction, giving some prices.

Information about this image:
Original: Xerographic copy from microfilm. Published Saturday, 13 September 1884, in the The Argonaut XV, 11, page 11, column 3.
Scan: Scanned in greyscale at 200 pixels/inch on an Epson V350 scanner.
Adjustments: Image digitally contrast-enhanced and sharpened. Image contains ICC color profile.
Note: Similar advertisements appeared in the San Francisco Evening Bulletin of September 15, 16, 17 and 18, 1884. The catalogue mentioned in the advertisement has not been located. This advertisement is part of a public relations campaign consisting of at least ten newspaper notices, reports, and advertisements. The clippings are numbered (1) through (10).
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