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(1) Announcement of Schafer's February 1886 exhibition and planned sale of 49 paintings in Los Angeles

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Image credit: California Digital Newspaper Collection.

Related images: 1. (31 January) Initial announcement of the February 1886 Los Angeles exhibition.
2. (31 January) A similar announcement in the Los Angeles Times.
3. (9 and 12 February) Reminder notice of the exhibition.
4. (13 February) Notice of auction in the Los Angeles Times.
5. (13 and 14 February) Notice of auction in the Los Angeles Herald.
6. (16 February) Reminder notice of afternoon and evening continuation sale.
7. (17 February) Another reminder notice, including names of previous evening's drawing winners.
8. (17 and 18 February) "Forced Sale" notice and final notice of sale.

Information about this image:
Original: Published Sunday, 31 January 1886, in the < 24, 132, page 6, column 3.
Adjustments: Image digitally contrast-enhanced and sharpened. Image contains ICC color profile.
Note: The announced exhibition went on for nearly three weeks, accompanied by a public relations campaign. The catalogue mentioned in the announcement has not been located. This announcement is one of a series of at least a dozen (including several repeats) newspaper notices, reports, and advertisements in the Los Angeles Herald and the Los Angeles Times. The sample clippings cited here are numbered 1 through 8.
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