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Advertisement of an 1885 auction sale of paintings by Schafer in San Francisco

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Image credit: Stanford University Library. Found by William K. Dick.

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Sale catalog cover and link to complete catalog.

Information about this image:
Original: Published Tuesday, 17 November 1885, in the San Francisco Chronicle XLII, 125, page 7, column 9.
Scan: 240 x 240 pixels/inch, 8-bit gray scale using an Epson WF-3520, 2 September 2016 by jhs
Adjustments: Image digitally contrast-enhanced and sharpened. Image contains ICC color profile.
Note: 1) The advertisement does not mention a catalog but one exists. See related images. In addition, William K. Dick reports finding a copy of that catalog at the The Society of California Pioneers in the 1970s. Trenton, Patricia and Peter H. Hassrick, The Rocky Mountains reported in 1983 that it has since been lost and a 1991 search of the The Society of California Pioneers archives again failed to locate it.
2) James Marquardt found an advertisement four days later that is identical except for an updated date, in the Saturday, 21 November 1885, San Francisco Chronicle XLII, 129, page 4, column 9.
3)Despite the statements in these two advertisements that the entire collection "will positively be closed out", over the course of the next few years there appeared several further auction sale notices and advertisements offering paintings exhibited at the Mechanic's Fair. Since The Mechanics' Institute Nineteenth Industrial Exhibition in 1884 is the last Mechanics' Fair for which there is a record of Schafer paintings having been exhibited, at least some of those paintings must not have sold in these auctions. See, for example the advertisements of auction sales in Los Angeles, California, in 1886, Sacramento, California, in 1887, and Seattle, Washington in 1889.
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