Frederick Ferdinand Schafer Painting Catalog

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The Ernest Hacquette Collection auction catalog, page 6

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[painting photograph]

Image credit: Alice Phelan Sullivan Library, Society of California Pioneers, 2018. Used with permission.

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Information about this image:
Original: Xerographic copy of an original held by The Society of California Pioneers, box b002356.
Scan: Scanned from a xerographic copy at 300 dpi, 8 level gray scale on an Epson V350 scanner.
Adjustments: Image digitally contrast-enhanced. Image contains ICC color profile.
Note: See the note on page 1 of this catalog for a more complete description. Although it omits his first name, item 26 on this page is presumably a painting by Frederick Ferdinand Schafer. artist's surname is given and the title indicates a subject that is not typical.
Calibration: Targets

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