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(2) Newspaper report of the exhibition and the first day of sale of Schafer paintings in New Westminster, British Columbia

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Image credit: British Columbia Archives, located by Jim Wolf..

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(2) Report on the first day of the sale (this image).
(3) Report on the second day of the sale.
(4) A second report on the second day of the sale.
(5) A third report on the second day of the sale.
(6) Report on the third day of the sale.
(7) A clipping advertising the last day of the sale.
(8) Report of the last day of the sale.
(9 & 10) Two reports of paintings given to the New Westminster Library.

Information about this image:
Original: Microfilm scan of an article Published Tuesday, 29 September 1891, in the (New Westminster, British Columbia) The Morning Ledger #534, page 4, column 2.
Note: This newspaper report is one of a series of 12 newspaper clippings that chronicle a catalogued sale of Schafer paintings by auctioneer C.P. Troy in New Westminster, a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia, in September and October 1891. This list includes ten of these clippings, numbered (1) through (10).
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