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When a painting changes ownership, this catalog includes the price, if known, as part of the Provenance. For auction sales, reported hammer prices have been adjusted to include the advertised buyer's premium. If the buyer's premium is unknown, the price is followed by the word "(hammer)". Sale prices do not include sales taxes because the amount is not often revealed and it may depend on the identity of the buyer—sales to dealers, museums, and out-of-state buyers may be exempt from sales tax. One should keep in mind that the actual price paid by the buyer may be different because of behind-the-scenes negotiations, agent commissions, discounts for cash, and credit card surcharges.

A handful of Schafer paintings, listed below, have sold at auction for more than $10,000. Most of these paintings are larger than average.

[Arrival in the Valley of the Yosemite, Half Dome in the distance] (40"x60")
$39,000, 13 Sep 2006
[Indians on the warpath] (30"x52")
$32,500, 30 Nov 2011
[Buffalo stampede - prairie fire] (30"x60")
$25,200, 14 Jul 2006
[Sioux village at night] (30"x60")
$25,200, 22 Jul 2006
[Indian Encampment 4] (30"x60")
$22,610, 28 Jul 2018
Evening, Mount Shasta from Cape Horn, California (50"x30")
$19,200, 9 May 2024
Shasta Butte from Upper Sacramento River (30"x50")
$18,800, 9 Dec 2004
Yosemite Valley, California, from Artist's Point [1] (attributed) (42"x70")
$13,750, 8 Apr 2011
Indians on Puget sound, near Port Townsend, Washington Territory (20"x36")
$12,100, 3 Aug 2009
Mount Tamalpais from Ross Valley, California [1] (30"x50")
$11,750, 12 Dec 2001
[Yosemite Valley 19] (30"x50")
$11,115, 27 Jul 2013
[Castle Rock, Columbia River 3] (30"x50")
$10,838, 20 Apr 2022
[Indian encampment above Yosemite Valley] (32"x46"
$10,350, 12 Dec 1996

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