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[photo] [Rural landscape 2] (attributed)
Photo credit: J. H. Saltzer, courtesy of California Historical Society
Date: undated
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 20 x 30 in (51 x 76 cm)
Inscription: unsigned
Verso: n.v. (lined)
Provenance: In collection of George and Helen High; by gift to The California Historical Society, 1980 (public).
Citations: California Historical Society accession #80-17-1-FA
Attribution: Since the painting is unsigned, the attribution is problematic. The composition, brushwork and palette are all typical of Schafer's work, and there are no obvious countersigns.
Description: A pair of large live oak trees stand above thick brush on the left bank of a river against a blue sky that has a few sunset-tinged clouds. A path along the left bank winds through wildflowers. In the distance on the right two tall broadleaf trees are abstractly silhouetted against the sky. (From the painting, 9 December 1998.)

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