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[photo] [Still Life with Watermelon and Banana]
Photo credit: Roy Farrington Jones, 2003
Medium: oil on artist's board
Size: 10 x 17 in (25 x 43 cm)
Inscription: l/r "F.Schàfer" in hand resembling Schafer's, underlined
Verso: none reported
Provenance: In collection of Edan Milton Hughes, San Francisco, 2002.
Citations: Personal communication, 2003.
Attribution: Puzzling. The signature somewhat resembles Schafer's typical signature on sketches and the brushwork around the signature looks typical. The subject matter and style are not at all typical, though the illumination is similar to that of Schafer's landscapes, with a bright central focus and shadows from a consistent light source. The style is not at all like the two still life paintings [Floral still life: red rose] and [Floral still life: white rose] known to by by Schafer. Those two paintings were by an artist who was very concerned with finish, and less with light and shadow; this painting is by an artist who is less concerned about finish but is very interested in depicting light and shadow. The presence of a banana in the picture suggests a late date, because refrigeration needed to successfully import bananas into the United States was not available until the 1900s. Together, these observations suggest that it may be a late, but unusual, painting by Schafer. [Still life with Fruit] may be a pendant of this painting.
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