Frederick Ferdinand Schafer Painting Catalog

About the Artist and his Art

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Academic-Strength Version (warning: contains footnotes)

The reader is warned that the term "Academic" in the title is relative. The author is an academic, but is not trained in either the history of art or the techniques of painting. In consequence, despite the academic style of these notes, the observations made here should be taken as those of an amateur. There is more on this point in Preface: Why a professor of engineering is maintaining an art history web site.

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  1. The Artist
    1. Schafer's background and training
    2. Travels of the artist
  2. The Art
    1. Schafer's Artistic Style
    2. Light and Color
    3. Space, Scale, and Perspective
    4. Depiction of Water
    5. Iconography in Schafer's paintings
    6. Similarities, affinities, and influences
    7. Comments by Others about the Work of Frederick F. Schafer
  3. Constructing the Art
    1. Brushwork, Detail, Finish, and Drawing
    2. Signature Inscriptions
    3. Other Inscriptions
    4. Painting Sizes and Media
    5. On the number of paintings by Schafer
  4. Legends and myths about Schafer
  5. Other artists with similar names or signatures
  6. Chronology of events in Schafer's life
  7. Summary and Acknowledgements

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