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[photo] On Russian River, California [1]
Photo credit: DeRu's Fine Arts, Laguna Beach
Size: 20 x 15 in (51 x 38 cm)
Inscription: l/l "FSchafer", initials conjoined in a monogram
Verso: said to be "On Russian River Cala."
Provenance: With DeRu's Fine Arts, Bellflower, California, 1999. With Christopher Queen Galleries, Duncans Mills, California, 2001.
Description: A fisherman in a white hat and brown jacket stands on a sandbank at the left edge of a placid river, pole pointing down toward the water. A group of tall conifers tower just behind the fisherman with a snag leaning toward the river over a group of boulders on the bank. In the left foreground behind the sandy river edge is a grassy area dotted with wild flowers and strewn with sticks and other debris. The right bank of the river is similar, with some broadleaf brush below the trees and a log sticking out into the river. In the distance another sandy river bank is lined with bright green with brush and trees beyond; the background consists of a brownish gently sloping hillside in front of a higher range of darker brown hills. The sky is mostly covered with clouds, some white, some grey, and some threateningly black, but a patch of intense blue appears near the top of the painting. (From a color photograph.)
Note: May be intended to be a pendant with Evening on Slate Creek, California [2].
In index(es): Title list, fishing scenes, mountain streams through a forest

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