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[photo] Sunset on the Willamette, Oregon

Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 20 x 36 in (51 x 91 cm)
Inscription: l/l "F. Schafer" in the artist's characteristic block-printing hand.
Verso: "Sunset on the Willamette, Oregon" in cursive pencil on the upper stretcher bar, in an unidentified hand. On the frame, "54682".
Provenance: Sold 10 August 1988 for $715 by Butterfield & Butterfield, San Francisco, as lot 3139 in sale 3967P/P37. Sold 29 June 2023 for $469 by Lark Mason Associates (iGavel) as lot 6550463 in sale FD6B; to private collection, Bellingham, Washington.
Reproductions: 10 August 1988 sale catalog, 29 June 2023 sale catalog.
Description: The Willamette river flows from the center to the front. A canoe on the river contains two figures, one standing; the canoe touches the left bank. There is a mountain at the left and conifer trees on the left bank; lower, farther mountains rise to the right behind a bend in the river. The nearest bank of the river is covered with brush and grass. The sky is covered with layers of clouds, colorfully illuminated from behind by the setting sun. (From photographs.)
Note: In the 29 June 2023 sale by Lark Mason Associates (iGavel) the artist was misidentified as "F. Schaper, possibly Friedrich Schaper (German 1869–1956)"
Other title(s): Evening River Scene (Lark Mason Associates (iGavel) sale catalog)
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