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[photo] Mount Shasta (mural)
Photo credit: Philip A. C. Harris
Date: 1896
Medium: wall mural of unknown materials
Size: 10 by 12 feet (estimated)
Inscription: n.v.
Verso: not applicable
Provenance: in collection of Oak Grove Lodge 215, Free and Accepted Masons, Alameda, California; the building has since been sold and the murals may have been destroyed.
Reproductions: Photograph by Philip A. C. Harris, c. 1930; San Francisco Chronicle, 24 April 1896; Sherman, Edward A., Fifty Years of Masonry in California, page 406;
Site: Mount Shasta, Caalifornia, viewed from the southwest through an unidentified river valley.
Description: A snow-capped Mount Shasta stands in the center under a cloudless sky. A river flows in the center directly toward the viewer, over a small waterfall. Both banks of the river are forested; at the left edge is a large, boulder with a pointed top, while behind the forest on the right in the middle distance is a rocky ridge. (From a monochrome photograph.)
Note: This was one of five [Murals of the Masonic lodge, Alameda, California]. For more information, see the notes in that entry.
Identification: From Sherman and the San Francisco Chronicle report.
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