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[photo] On the Columbia River [Fort Lugenbeel]
Photo credit: Courtesy of the Boston Art Club, 2010
Medium: oil on canvas, lined
Size: 14 x 20 in. (36 x 51 cm)
Inscription: l/l "FSchafer", steeply slanted and underlined, in the artist's characteristic block-letter hand.
Verso: l/r "on The Columbia River" in the artist's characteristic block-letter hand.
Provenance: In private collection of a member of the Boston Art Club by 1985; sold 21 June 2015 for $3125 by Grogan and Company, Boston, as lot 29 in "The June Auction", sale 150.
Reproductions: Grogan and Company sale catalog.
Citations: Personal communication, 2009.
Site: Looking north across the Columbia River at the upstream end of the Cascade Rapids. The mountains in the background are Table Mountain on the left and Greenleaf Peak on the right. The large building is the blockhouse of Fort Lugenbeel.
Description: To the right, an Indian encampment on a grassy bank of a river, with three tepees and a half-dozen brightly clothed people. Behind the encampment is a heavily forested hill, atop which are situated a blockhouse and down the hill toward the center, a smaller somewhat nondescript building. Looming in the distance Behind the hill are two less-finished forested mountain ranges below a sky filled with fluffy clouds and occasional patches of blue.
Note: 1. In the verso title inscription the word "on" is much darker, suggesting that it was added as an afterthought. 2. The back of the canvas is covered with a backing board. 3. Fort Lugenbeel was abandoned in 1861 and dismantled by 1910. The Cascade Rapids were flooded in 1937 when Bonneville Dam was built.
Identification: Title from verso inscription with words in brackets added by the owner. When the painting was restored and lined the verso inscription was preserved by a photograph affixed to the backing board.
In index(es): Title list, Columbia River scenes, Indian encampments as incidental subjects

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