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[photo] Moonrise near Acapulco

Date: not dated, perhaps circa 1873 (see note #2)
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 12 x 20 in (30 x 51 cm)
Inscription: Signed "F.Schafer" in the artist's characteristic block-lettering hand.
Verso: Titled l/c, "Moonrise / near Acapulco. C.A." in the artist's characteristic block-lettering hand.
Provenance: Offered 12 June 2023 as item 134608785649 on eBay by seller bluearcadia123 in Brookings, Oregon, then withdrawn.
Site: Appears to be a view of the Pacific Ocean past the rugged rock formations found on the northern side of Acapulco bay.
Note: 1. An open question is what the letters "C.A." at the end of the title inscription might stand for. Paul Gallagher has suggested "Central America", since Mexico is sometimes included in the list of countries in Central America. 2. This painting adds to the evidence that Schafer, his wife, and son may have traveled from New York City to San Francisco via coastal steamer by way of Panama in the spring of 1873. One of the advertised ports of call of the steamer Great Republic was Acapulco. See also the discussion of the painting "Mazatlan", which is known only by title.
Identification: Title from verso inscription.
In index(es): Title list, coastal and marine scenes, moonlight nocturnes and other scenes showing the moon, tropical scenes

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