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Problematic painting record FFSp0966

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[photo] [Riders approaching Mount Shasta (?)]

Date: 1898 (see note)
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 14 x 20 in. (36 x 51 cm)
Inscription: indistinctly signed l/l; see note
Verso: no inscription
Provenance: Sold 10 Nov 2013 for $1000 by Clar's Auction Gallery, Oakland, California, as lot 6121 in "November 10th Auction".
Reproductions: Clar's Auction Gallery on-line catalog.
Attribution: The painting appears to be an accurate copy of [Two figures on horseback] (or vice-versa). The two paintings are distinguishable by the color of the shirt of the second rider (red in the other painting, black in this one) and there are many other minor details that are slightly different. The palette seems quite different, but that difference may be explained by differences in lighting and photography. In addition, this painting is two inches taller than the other one. Nevertheless the two paintings are surprisingly similar, suggesting that one is an intentional copy of the other. This painting has a bright central focus that the other one lacks, the other painting has a typical signature that this one lacks. It remains to be determined which is the copy and which is the original, and whether the copy was made by the artist or by another party.
Site: Notwithstanding the title, the profile of the mountain appears to resemble Mount Hood more than Mount Shasta. The overall composition is the same as that of [Mount Hood from The Dalles, Oregon 2].
Note: The signature is indistinct and blends with nearby painting features of the same color. One possible reading is "C. F?h?sene / 1898." The auction house read the date as 1899, but at least one other observer suggests that it should be read 1892.
Identification: Descriptive title, presumably assigned by the auction house.
In index(es): Mount Hood, dated paintings, questioned attributions

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