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Image record 1571

[Alpine landscape (?) or Western landscape (?)], detail of signature inscription under ultraviolet light (upper) and natural light (lower)

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[painting photograph]

Image credit: The Fairfield University Art Museum, 2015 and 2016.

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Information about this image:
Original: Upper digital photograph taken with an Apple iPhone 6, lower digital photograph taken with an Apple iPhone 5s.
Adjustments: Standard post-processing. Images enhanced and combined with Photoshop Elements 9. Image contains ICC color profile.
Note: In the (upper) ultraviolet image most of the initial letter "F", part of the letter "S" and perhaps the upper edge of the letter "c" seem to be somewhat clouded by the greenish fluorescence of the oxidized older varnish, but the rest of the signature is crisp and black. The letters that are clouded thus seem to be under the original varnish while the crisp letters seem to be on top of the original varnish. Yet in the (lower) natural light photograph, there is much less difference among the letters. This observation suggests that the signature was partially strengthened by a later hand.
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