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(3) Newspaper notice of an 1891 exhibition and sale of Schafer paintings in Vancouver, British Columbia

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Image credit: British Columbia Archives.

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(2) Report of a Schafer painting on exhibition in Vancouver.
(3) Notice of Schafer painting exhibition and Monday sale.
(4) Report of Monday's sale and plan for sale Tuesday and Wednesday.
(5) Report of Thursday's sale and plan for further sale Friday.

Information about this image:
Original: Xerographic copy from microfilm. Published Monday, 7 September 1891, in the Vancouver Daily World V, 130/910, page 4, column 2.
Scan: 240 x 240 pixels/inch, 8-bit gray scale using an Epson WF-3540, 10 September 2016 by jhs
Adjustments: Negative image converted to positive, digitally contrast-enhanced, and sharpened. Image contains ICC color profile.
Note: This newspaper report is one of a series of five notices that chronicle a catalogued sale of Schafer paintings by auctioneer Archibald Murray Beattie in Vancouver, British Columbia, in September 1891. The reports are numbered (1) through (5).
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