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The Ernest Hacquette Collection auction catalog, page 1

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[painting photograph]

Image credit: Alice Phelan Sullivan Library, Society of California Pioneers, 2018. Used with permission.

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Catalog interior, page 1 (this image)
Catalog interior, page 6.
Catalog interior, page 8.

Information about this image:
Original: Xerographic copy of an original held by The Society of California Pioneers, box b002356.
Scan: Scanned from a xerographic copy at 300 dpi, 8 level gray scale on an Epson V350 scanner.
Adjustments: Image digitally contrast-enhanced. Image contains ICC color profile.
Note: The Ernest Hacquette Collection was offered in a 30 January 1912 auction sale in San Francisco by the auctioneer H. Taylor Curtis. The penciled notes on the lower left of page 1 are presumably from a cataloguer who, with the help of a perpetual calendar, was trying to ascertain the year of the auction, since it is not mentioned anywhere in the catalog. The circled choice of 1912 is confirmed by the related image of a newspaper advertisement. Item 26 on page 6 is presumably a painting by Frederick Ferdinand Schafer. Item 39 on page 8 may also be by Frederick Schafer, but only the differently spelled artist's surname is given and the title indicates a subject that is not typical.
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