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Five newspaper articles about a May/June 1892 auction sale in San Jose, California

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Image credit: California Digital Newspaper Collection. Located by James Marquardt.

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Original: Digital scan from microfilm. Published Monday, 30 May through Friday, 3 June 1892, in the San Jose Mercury XLI, 151-155, each on page 5, column 1
Adjustments: Contrast digitally enhanced. Image contains ICC color profile.
Note: The auctioneer is not named. A similar series of articles appeared in the San Jose Daily Herald on 1 June and 2 June 1892, also not naming the auctioneer. This is one of several sales for which the description suggests that Schafer is liquidating his collection in anticipation of a trip to Europe. Since no evidence of such a trip has been discovered, it may be that this claim has its main purpose to enhance interest in getting a bargain. The 31 May article mentions some connection with an immediately prior auction in San Francisco that included paintings by the artist Virgilio Tojetti (1851-1901) and the 1 June article mentions a probate court concern with the realized price of Tojetti's paintings, which suggests that they were not primary sales but were owned by someone else who had passed away.
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