Frederick Ferdinand Schafer Painting Catalog

Conventions: Identification of paintings

Identification: When not apparent from a verso inscription, this entry reports the source of the title. In addition, when there are several different sources of information about a painting, it reports the evidence that the several reports refer to the same painting, rather than different paintings with similar descriptions. When there is any question about the identification, it indicates the degree of confidence or speculation involved. It also mentions any differences in information provided by different sources, and where the title came from. For paintings that have not been seen and for which no reproduction has been found, this entry may include conjectures as to whether or not this painting duplicates some other catalogued painting. Reports of paintings that do not contain enough information to identify them with certainty are listed as "Unidentified Paintings".

Notes: Any information that doesn't easily fit into another category of documentation appears here.

Legend: Some paintings come with stories about their history, handed down from owner to owner. Such legends sometimes are erroneous or inflated, but even when not completely accurate they often contain clues that can be of use to a later investigator. For this reason, where stories cannot be verified they are recorded here, rather than in the Notes section.

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