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Note: This page lists every exhibition, both academic and commercial, that has been reported to contain one or more paintings by Schafer, together with the Schafer catalog title (which in a few cases does not match the exhibition title) of the exhibited painting or paintings. Since there are many kinds of dealer exhibitions, ranging from museum-style displays with catalogs and commentary down to hanging a single painting, dealer exhibitions are limited to those that have been advertised with exhibition titles and they do not include exhibitions associated with auction sales.


Along the Russian River, The Museum of Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, California, 1990. American Painting (Maxwell): A Comprehensive Exhibition. Maxwell Galleries, Ltd., San Francisco, 23 February 1973 to 7 April 1973. Catalog, no reproductions. The American Scene in Winter. Harry Shaw Newman Galleries (The Old Print Shop), New York City, December 1946. Described in Comstock, Helen, "The American Scene in Winter" and Wolf, Ben, "When winter comes". Art of the Oregon Territory. Museum of Art, University of Oregon, Eugene, 1959. Catalog, no reproductions. (Oregon Centennial Festival of Art). An Art Perspective of the Historic Pacific Northwest, from the Collection of Dr. and Mrs. Franz R. Stenzel, Portland, Oregon. Helena, Montana, Montana Historical Society and Spokane, Washington, E. Washington Historical Society, August 1963 to September 1963. Catalog. Bay Region Painters. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California, 20 June 1949 to 25 July 1949. Exhibition assembled by the San Francisco Museum of Art. Neither museum seems to have any record of this exhibition beyond its name and date. One painting comes with the legend that it was exhibited that year at this museum, but in an unidentified exhibition. Big Pictures: 19th and Early 20th Century Exhibition Paintings. North Point Gallery, San Francisco, 10 October 1996 to 9 November 1996. Brochure. California Artists 1860 – 1930. The McHenry Museum, Modesto, California, 8 May – 30 June 1988, 24-page catalog of 43 paintings with monochrome images. California Artists of the Late 19th and Early 20th Century. A show of more than 50 paintings at the Marin County Civic Center Library, October 1974. (Exhibition title unknown; assigned title based on (San Rafael, California) Daily Independent Journal report of 26 September 1974.) California Grandeur and Genre. From the collections of friends of James L. Coran and Walter A. Nelson-Rees. List of paintings, no reproductions. (See note concerning the similarly-titled Chelette, Iona M., et al., California Grandeur and Genre) Shown at: Palm Springs Desert Museum, Palm Springs, California, December 1991; Ventura County Museum of History and Art, Ventura, California, April 1992; The Rockwell Museum, Corning, New York, August 1992; Meadows Museum of Art, Centenary College, Shreveport, Louisiana, October 1992; Paine Art Center, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, January 1993. California Impressions: Landscapes from the Wendy Willrich Collection, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (de Young) 18 November 2006 to 28 January 2007. Catalog by Timothy Anglin Burgard and Alfred C. Harrison, Jr., with description and color reproduction. California Landscape Painting. Western Association of Art Museums. October 1978 through March 1980 (Moving exhibition, shown at San Mateo Art Council, San Mateo, California; Sierra Nevada Museum, Reno, Nevada, September 1979.) California Landscape Painting, 1860–1885: Artists around Keith and Hill. Stanford University Art Gallery, Palo Alto, California, 9 December 1975 to 29 February 1976. Catalog by Dwight C. Miller, with biographical sketch, descriptions of paintings, two reproductions. California Style, Art and Fashion of the California Historical Society, the Autry National Center Museum of the American West, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California, March 30–May 28, 2007. Early California and other Old American Paintings. Kerwin Galleries, San Mateo, California, 4 June 1976 to 11 July 1976. Gallery list, no reproductions. Early California Art. Kerwin Galleries, Burlingame, California, 9 April 1988 to 7 May 1988. Also 19 March 1994 to 30 April 1994. Reproductions on broadsides. Fresno Collects: The First 100 Years. Fresno Art Center (now known as the Fresno Art Museum), Fresno, California, June 8–August 11, 1985. (catalog not located) The Golden Age of Yosemite Painting, 1859–1930. Transamerica Pyramid Lobby, San Francisco, California, 23 January 1991 to 5 March 1991. Exhibition brochure, no reproductions. Hearst Gallery unidentified exhibition, Saint Mary's College, Moraga, California, September 1985, painting number 75.2.
  • [Rainy Mountain in Samoa.] Unsigned, may be by Ransom Holdridge.
If Pictures Could Talk. Concord, California, 1990. Keeping the Records Straight. Emily Carr Gallery, 1107 Wharf Street, Victoria, B.C. (Display space of the The British Columbia Visual Records Archive.) The Last New Century Sullivan Goss, Santa Barbara California, 1 April 2010 to 29 September 2010. Masterworks from the Collection of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Museum of Church History and Art, Salt Lake City, Utah, July 1985. Catalog, published 1984. The McCarthy Collection, 1870–1900. The Society of California Pioneers, San Francisco. 29 October 1962 to 1 January 1963. Gallery list, no reproductions. Mechanics' Institute Fourteenth Industrial Exhibition, 5 August 1879 to 13 September 1879 San Francisco, California. The report of the exhibition contains gallery lists, no reproductions.
  • Catskill mountain scenery (page 43)
  • Catskill mountain scenery (page 44)
  • Approaching storm (page 45)
  • Catskill mountain scenery (page 47)
Mechanics' Institute Fifteenth Industrial Exhibition, 10 August 1880 to 11 September 1880, San Francisco, California. The report of the exhibition contains gallery lists, no reproductions. Schafer was awarded $15 in premiums.
  • Autumn scene in the White Mountains (page 49)
  • Hunter's camp (#31, page 47)
  • Landscape (#128, page 52)
  • Mazatlan (#127, page 52)
Mechanics' Institute Seventeenth Industrial Exhibition, 15 August 1882 to 23 September 1882 San Francisco, California. The report of the exhibition contains gallery lists, no reproductions. Schafer was awarded $15 in premiums.
  • Studio corner (page 44)
  • Sunset on Mount Shasta (page 44)
Mechanics' Institute Eighteenth Industrial Exhibition, 11 September 1883 to 13 October 1883 San Francisco, California. The report of the exhibition contains gallery lists, no reproductions. Schafer was awarded $10 in premiums.
  • The artist's retreat (page 46)
  • In the coast range (page 46)
  • Mount Lyell (page 46)
  • The mountain stream (page 46)
  • The old stage road (page 46)
  • On the beach (page 46)
  • The old path (page 47)
  • A quiet pool (page 46)
  • Redwoods, Russian River (page 46)
  • Sunset (page 47)
  • Mount Rainier (page 47)
Mechanics' Institute Nineteenth Industrial Exhibition, 5 August 1884 to 6 September 1884, San Francisco, California. The report of the exhibition contains gallery lists, no reproductions. Schafer was awarded $20 in premiums.
  • Alameda Point, from the Marsh (page 52)
  • The Alps of California (page 51)
  • Autumn evening (page 53)
  • Cape Horn (Upper Sacramento) (page 52)
  • Carmel Bay (page 52)
  • Castle Rock on the Columbia River (page 51)
  • Coast Scene near Monterey (page 51)
  • Evening in the Santa Cruz Mountains (page 52)
  • Evening on Mount Tamalpais (page 51)
  • Evening on the Upper Sacramento (page 52)
  • Evening on San Lorenzo Creek (page 51)
  • In the Rocky Mountains (page 52)
  • In Santa Cruz Mountains (page 51)
  • Lassen Peak (page 52)
  • Marysville Butte, evening (page 52)
  • Morning in the Catskill Mountains (page 51)
  • Morning in the redwoods (page 52)
  • Morning in the White Mountains (page 52)
  • Morning on the Upper Columbia (page 52)
  • Mount Hood from Portland (page 52)
  • Mount Hood, from The Dalles (page 52)
  • Mount Shasta, from Strawberry Valley (page 52)
  • Mount Tamalpais (page 52)
  • Near Felton, Santa Cruz Mountains (page 52)
  • On the coast of Maine (page 52)
  • Shasta Butte (page 52)
  • Spring morning (page 52)
  • Sunset on Mount Shasta (page 52)
  • Upper Sacramento River (page 51)
  • Yosemite (page 51)
Mechanics Fair, Portland, Oregon, October 1885
  • 31. Morning in Yosemite
Mechanics Fair, Portland, Oregon, October 1886
  • Morning in Yosemite
Nineteenth Century Painters of the California Landscape. Syntex Gallery, Palo Alto, California, 8 November 1976 to 30 December 1976. Catalog, no reproductions. North Pacific Industrial Exposition. Portland, October 1890.
  • Castle Rock
  • Sacramento River, California
  • Morning in Yosemite
  • Sunset in the Swiss Alps
One Hundred Years of California Painting from 1849. Maxwell Galleries, Ltd., San Francisco, March 4–26, 1966.
  • Catalog lists one unnamed painting by Schafer.
Pack-In Painters of the American West. University of Southern California Art Galleries, Los Angeles, California, 22 November 1976 to 23 December 1976. Catalog (Introduction by Donald Brewer), two reproductions. Painters of the American West. Mongerson Galleries, Chicago, 1988–1989. Catalog with one reproduction. Panama–Pacific International Exposition, California Counties Building, San Francisco, 20 February–4 December 1915. The Regional Painters of Puget Sound, 1870–1920: A Half-Century of Fidelity to Nature. Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, Washington, 1 October 1986 to 1 July 1987. Brochure by Sheryl Stiefel and Erika Michael, curators, with title listing and reproduction. San Francisco Art Association Spring Exhibition. San Francisco Art Association, San Francisco, California, 1880. A feature on preparations, giving the opening date as 2 March 1880, appeared in the (San Francisco) The Morning Call, 27 January 1880. Catalog with prices, no reproductions.
  • Mazatlan ($275)
  • Scene in Catskill Mts. ($300)
  • Hunter's camp ($150)
Scenes of Grandeur: Nineteenth Century Landscape Paintings of California. Pomona College Gallery, Claremont, California, 14 October 1962 to 11 November 1962. Catalog, no reproductions. Schwartz Celebrates 50 Years, 1930–1980. Frank S. Schwartz and Son, Philadelphia, 1980. Catalog, reproduction on back cover. A Sense of Place: California Landscape Painting 1870–1930. Transamerica Pyramid, San Francisco 30 June 30 1978 to 7 August 1978. Brochure with titles and lenders, no reproductions. (The brochure omits the year of the exhibition, which was obtained by searching exhibition listings in San Francisco newspapers.) State Agricultural Society, 27th Annual Fair. Sacramento, California, 1880. Sacramento Daily Record-Union Saturday, 25 September and Monday, 27 September 1880. Titles only. Schafer was awarded $6 in premiums.
  • Mazatlan, painting #82
  • Landscape, painting #83
  • Autumn scene in the White Mountains
State Agricultural Society, 41st Annual Exhibition. Sacramento, California, 1894. Catalog of the Art Department. Titles only.
  • Rocky Glen, painting #292, page 13
  • Mt. Hood, painting #247, page 12
Torrance Gallery 20th Anniversary Exhibition. Torrance Gallery, San Anselmo, c. 1970. Tropical Scenes by the 19th Century Painters of California. The Oakland Museum of California, 5 October 1971 to 14 November 1971; Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, California, 7 December 1971 to 23 January 1972; Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, 19 February 1972 to 19 March 1972. Catalog, biographical sketch, page 45, no reproductions. Two Hundred Years of American Painting 1755–1960. Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, California. 1961. Catalog.

Views of Yosemite. Fresno Arts Center, Fresno, California, 12 June 1982 to 8 August 1982. Catalog, biographical sketch (page 29), no reproductions. Walker Mansion Exhibition, Oakland, California, May 11–15, 1880. Catalog, titles only.
  • Seven Oaken Panels, on gold ground, #65 on page 5.
Western Scene. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California, 14 October 1975 to 14 December 1975. Catalog. When California was Young. Landscape Paintings from Bierstadt to Braun. North Point Gallery, San Francisco, 12 July 1991 to 17 August 1991. Catalog (brochure). Yosemite in the 19th Century. The Bancroft Library of the University of California, Berkeley, January 24d–28, 1990. Catalog.

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