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2.7 The Art: Comments by Others about Schafer's Work

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What Others Have Said

The preceding notes have occasionally quoted comments about Schafer's art made by other observers. Here are several additional such comments, for the record:

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note 1: (Salt Lake City) Daily Tribune, December 29, 1891. Since a very similar review appeared in (Salt Lake City) The Herald of December 29, 1891, there is some suspicion that the source of the review may have been a press release written by Schafer's auctioneer or perhaps even by Schafer himself. One must be wary of newspaper art reviews that lack a by-line, as they may actually be recycled press releases. A particularly noteworthy example is the "Three Positively Meritorious Points" press release, versions of which appeared in newspapers in several different California cities in 1886 and 1887.

note 2: "Handsome Paintings at the Fair", San Francisco Evening Bulletin, September 3, 1884.

note 3: "The Art Gallery at the Mechanics' Fair", (San Francisco) The Illustrated Wasp September 4, 1880.

note 4: Letter of November 17, 1970, from William K. Dick to the The Oakland Museum of California. In the Frederick Ferdinand Schafer file of the Archives of California Art.

note 5: The first three characteristics were mentioned in Miller's extensive catalog for the 1975-76 exhibition California Landscape Painting, 1860-1885. He extended his observations in the unpublished manuscript Dwight C. Miller, California Landscape Painting, 1860-1885 that grew out of that exhibition.

note 6: From the notes for the 1963 exhibition catalog An Art Perspective of the Historic Pacific Northwest, page 22.

note 7: From the unpaginated introduction to the 1976 exhibition catalog Pack-In Painters of the American West.

note 8: From the encylopedic William H. Gerdts, Art Across America, page 249.

note 9: A further comment by Trenton and Hassrick concerning Schafer's painting style is quoted in the section on Brushwork, Detail, Finish, and Drawing.

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