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[photo] Evening, Mount Rainier, Washington Territory (attributed)

Date: probably undated
Medium: oil on canvas, lined
Size: 20 x 36 in (51 x 91 cm)
Inscription: l/r "T. Hill."
Verso: said to have been "Evening Mt. Ranier W.T." prior to lining
Provenance: In Goupils collection, New York City. In collection of the Eno Foundation, Westport, Connecticut. Offered 25 April 1980 (withdrawn) by Sotheby's, New York, as lot 144 in sale 4365, "American Paintings".
Reproductions: 25 April 1980 sale catalog.
Attribution: William K. Dick offers the opinion that this painting may be by Schafer, and reports a similar opinion from John Garzoli [William K. Dick notes, page 62]. Examination of the verso inscription may shed more light on this attribution.
Description: A party consisting of four Indians and a dog sits and stands around a fire on the wide right bank of a river which flows gently from the center to the left front. Farther down the bank, second and third parties sit around campfires; in the distance is a fourth. On the far bank are more Indians, including one mounted on a white horse, holding a spear, at the water's edge. Two tall trees stand at the right edge, leaning slightly, penetrating the sky above the forest. In the distance a snow-capped mountain peak stands silhouetted against the sky above serveral indistinct ranges of foothills. Driftwood logs lie on the right bank in the foreground. (From a monochrome photograph in the sale catalog.)
Note: The letters "W.T." at the end of the reported title inscription appear to be an abbreviation for "Washington Territory". The Washington Territory existed from 1853 until Washington became a state in November 1889, so it is likely that the painting was created by 1889, perhaps on one of Schafer's several visits to the area between 1885 and 1889.
In index(es): Title list, miscellaneous other well-known landmarks, Mount Rainier, paintings probably attributable to Schafer

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