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[photo] Mount Tamalpais [1]

Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 30 x 20 in (76 x 51 cm)
Inscription: l/r "F. Schafer"
Verso: "Mt Tamalpais"
Provenance: With David's Antique Shop, San Francisco; to private collection, San Francisco, in 1969. Sold 11 June 2003 for $5288 by Bonhams & Butterfields, San Francisco as lot 4171 in sale 7438D.
Reproductions: William K. Dick photo #140 (color, undated); Bonhams & Butterfields 11 June 2003 sale catalog.
Site: View of Mount Tamalpais, in Marin County, California. The viewpoint is difficult to establish, because the mountain profile is mis-shapen, but it is probably from the south or southeast.
Description: The hazy beige outline of Mount Tamalpais stands at the center against a hazy whiteish sky and above a valley lined with trees in shades of autumn foliage. A brown-bottomed stream flows through the valley directly toward the viewer. In the distance, the sun catches a green hilltop and the tops of a conifer grove. Nearer, the right, rocky, bank rises steeply; two broadleaf trees with white trunks and dark green leaves, one crossing in front of the other, stand near the top among brown brush. An older, leafless tree trunk has fallen down the bank into the water, and a still older, bare trunk lies at the base of the rocky bank. On the left are a few yellow-green trees standing high above brown and green brush on the ground. The stream is dotted with small rocks. (From the painting, 17 December 1989.)
Identification: The 1969 and 2003 photographs are of the same painting. The 2003 sale catalog adds the word "California" to the end of the title.
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