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[photo] Sunset in redwoods, Santa Cruz Mountains, California
Photo credit: William K. Dick, 1971
Date: not dated, probably 1880-1886
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 42 x 24 in (107 x 61 cm)
Inscription: said to be l/l "F Schafer S.F."
Verso: said to be "Sunset in Redwoods, Santa Cruz Mtns Calif"
Provenance: In private collection, Sacramento, California, by 1969.
Reproductions: William K. Dick photo #165 (color, 1971)
Citations: interoffice note of Archives of California Art, 20 May 1969; William K. Dick notes, page 74
Description: Tall trees line both sides of a stream that flows directly from the center toward the viewer; three distinct trunks appear on the right, at least three on the left. The stream divides the forest, and the setting sun is seen low in the space between. Nearby on the left bank are the trunks of two fallen trees. (From the underexposed photograph.)
Note: The initials "S.F." following the signature suggest that the painting was executed during the period 1880-1886, when Schafer had a studio in San Francisco.
Identification: The Oakland Museum note, in the Museum's artist file for Schafer, identifies the painting as from a matching pair of Setting Suns of size 54 x 36, a measurement that apparently includes the frame. The other painting of the pair is Moonlight on Truckee River near Boca, California. The interoffice note identifies the same owner as does a note on the back of the photograph.
Other title(s): Setting sun (Archives of California Art note)
In index(es): Title list, mountain streams through a forest, Santa Cruz mountains, California, sunset scenes

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