Frederick Ferdinand Schafer Painting Catalog

Conventions: Reproductions, citations, and status

Reproductions: This part cites every source known or said to include an image of the painting, whether or not a copy has been located. If not located, that fact is mentioned. To avoid repetition, sources are heavily abbreviated; the citations contain full information. This entry lists only those images that can be found in publications and archives; the image that accompanies the description of the painting here may not be one that is cited. It may instead be a gallery photograph or a private snapshot. The credit line on the image indicates its source.

With advances in printing technology, a market has developed for high-resolution inkjet reproductions of paintings, often on canvas, called "giclee". Since Schafer's work is, as far as is known, not copyrighted, several of his paintings are available in that form. Those reproductions are not listed.

References: This part cites all sources that mention the painting but that do not include an image. (Such sources naturally raise a question as to just which painting they are mentioning; the Identification section explains the argument for associating this mention with this painting.) Some paintings have neither Reproduction nor Reference citations; these are cases in which the original painting was discovered through word of mouth and no reproduced image or citable reference is available.

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