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[photo] Mount Shasta from Shasta Lake, California
Photo credit: William K. Dick, 1972
Date: probably undated
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 20 x 36 in (51 x 92 cm)
Inscription: l/l "F. Schafer", in the artist's characteristic block-letter hand
Verso: said to be titled
Provenance: Sold in April 1971 for $350 by Old Opera House, Los Gatos, California, to private collection; offered in 1983 by Garzoli Gallery, San Francisco.
Exhibited: Early California Art, Burlingame, California, 1988.
Reproductions: William K. Dick photo #15 (color, 1972); 1988 Exhibition broadside.
Site: Mount Shasta, California, viewed from the Southwest above a small lake. Shastina is to the left.
Description: Mount Shasta rises above a V-shaped valley in the middle distance and a small lake in the foreground. A figure of a fisherman carrying a pole stands on a point where the near bank extends into the lake, looking across the lake. To the left of the lake a dark green forest fills the middle distance, with a brush-covered clearing in the foreground ccrossed by a dead tree that has almost but not completely fallen to the ground. A boulder at the very left suggest the beginning of a rocky slope. Beyond the lake lies a low forest in brown and green where a column of grey smoke rises from an unseen campfire. Beyond the forest brownish foothills form a hazy valley. The lower reaches of the peaks are brownish-pink, while the upper reaches are snow covered. The sky is a bright blue with a few pink clouds. The lake indistinctly reflects the dark forest and the bright mountain peaks above. (From a color photograph.)
Note: A painting with the same title was offered as lot 19 on page 3 in the catalog of a 17 November 1885 auction in San Francisco but there is not enough information in that catalog to either include or exclude the possibility that it is this painting.
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