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[photo] Rooster Rock on the Columbia River, Oregon
Photo credit: Early California and Western Art Research, 1982
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 26 x 16 in (66 x 41 cm)
Inscription: l/r "F. Schafer"
Verso: None reported; see Note and Identification.
Provenance: Offered 3 October 1981 by Butterfield & Butterfield, San Francisco, as lot 151 in sale 3170 (not sold) and then sold 19 January 1982 for $165 as lot 200 in sale 3184.
Reproductions: Early California and Western Art Research/Schafer slide #56 (color, 1982)
Citations: Butterfield & Butterfield 3 October 1981 and 19/20 January 1982 sale catalogs.
Site: A rock pinnacle on the Oregon side of the Columbia River about ten miles upriver from Portland.
Description: The rock stands in the center of the painting with some trees to its right, against a cloudy sky with a bit of blue at the top. A river runs by on the left with a snag near its right bank. A white paddlewheel steamer is seen in the distance on the river. (From a color photograph.)
Note: A painting with this title was offered as lot 43 on page 5 of the catalog of a 17 November 1885 auction in San Francisco, and also as lot 48 in the catalog of a May 1886 exhibition and auction sale in Salt Lake City, Utah Territory (probably the same painting), but there is not enough information in those sources to either include or exclude the possibility that it is this painting.
Identification: Descriptive title of unknown origin, probably from a verso inscription, as listed in the 1981 sale catalog. The Early California and Western Art Research index identifies the slide with the 3 October 1981 sale. The 19 January 1982 sale replaces the title words on the with a comma, but is probably the same painting, based on the size, title similarity, and the failure of the earlier sale.
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