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5. Other artists with similar names or signatures

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Other artists

In the course of developing this catalog, several paintings bearing signatures with the name "Schafer", but by artists other than Frederick F. Schafer, have been encountered. For the most part the signatures, styles, and usual subject matter of these artists are sufficiently different from that of Frederick F. Schafer that it is relatively easy to distinguish them.

Some of these artists have been identified, others not. This section collects in one place what has been learned about each artist, with the intent of making it easier to distinguish paintings by these artists from those of Frederick F. Schafer, and also of encouraging reports that may provide additional information about some of the currently unidentified artists.

Artists who sign their paintings with variants of "Frederick Schafer"

Artists who sign their paintings with variants of "F. Schäfer"

Artists who sign their paintings "Schafer" with no initials

Artists who sign their paintings "F.S."

Artists named "Schafer" whose signature indicates a different first name

Since the forename is distinct, the following artists are less likely to be confused with Frederick F. Schafer. Nevertheless they have been, so they are included here.
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